Mage Wars: Forged in Fire – A Blacksmith’s Review

Mage Wars Box Matt Snodgrass

Forged in Fire – A Blacksmith’s Review Matt Snodgrass, Play Unplugged [Check out Rico's take on Forged in Fire during his unboxing, too.] OK, so to be fair, I’m not actually a full-fledged blacksmith; I took one ten-week class on metalsmithing. But that’s not going to stop me from reviewing Mage Wars’ newest offering, Forged in…

Review – Ars Victor

Ars Victor: The One-Hour Wargame

Review – Ars Victor Damian Mastrangelo, Play Unplugged Ars Victor bills itself as the “one-hour wargame” prominently on its box cover. Is it? Well…yes, it can be played in an hour, but that description belies the depth present in the game. This is a simple, fast-playing game, but it also presents players with many difficult…

Review – Mindjammer


Review – Mindjammer Scott Pyle, Play Unplugged The publication of Fate Core marked one of the most successful RPG “small-press” Kickstarters in recent memory. Not only did it make gobs of money, it was well run and delivered the goods both literally (in terms of rewards) and figuratively (in terms of quality products). It also…

Super Special Podcast – Gen Con Indy Recap Quarter 3 2014

Gen Con 2014

Super Special Podcast – Gen Con Indy Recap Quarter 3 2014 Enrico Nardini & Matt Snodgrass, Play Unplugged  Still haven’t heard enough about “The Best Four Days in Gaming?” Good! Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini and Matt Snodgrass return with their final thoughts on the awesomeness that was Gen Con Indy 2014. And though the amount…

Roleplaying with Miniatures

centaur miniature five guys burgers

Roleplaying with Miniatures Mike Eaton, Play Unplugged Let’s start this off right by telling you what happened to me a moment ago, on the way from my Local Gaming Store, in the name of miniatures: I tripped while running for my bus and fell face-first into mulch. But I spilled not one drop of the…

Teysa Karlov, Commander-in-Chief

Teysa MTG EDH Commander Black White Orzhov Legend

Teysa Karlov, Commander-in-Chief Mike Eaton, Play Unplugged In the Commander/EDH format of Magic: the Gathering, there are several ways to build a deck. You can load it with combos, so that no matter what you draw, you are a threat. Often, you can load it with flavorful, low-power cards, because some EDH groups take a load…

A Primer for the Casual Planeswalker – Khans of Tarkir

Khans of Tarkir Magic MTG

A Primer for the Casual Planeswalker – Khans of Tarkir Mike Eaton, Play Unplugged It’s that time again! Those Wizards of the Coast are releasing a new Magic: the Gathering set on September 26, and it’s called Khans of Tarkir. The three sets in this block will tell the story of Tarkir, which is the home plane of…

Review – High Command: Immortal Tales

Hordes High Command Immortal Tales

Review – High Command: Immortal Tales Matt Snodgrass, Play Unplugged Hi, fellow Hordes fans. I’m just popping in for a quick review of another High Command expansion from Privateer Press. This one is Immortal Tales. By now, you know the format of these expansions packs: 84 cards (21 for each faction) and a rule-reference card…

Unboxing – Chaos in Cochise County Kickstarter Miniatures Preview

CIA Games

Unboxing – Chaos in Cochise County Kickstarter Miniatures Preview Enrico Nardini, Play Unplugged Howdy Pardners! Play Unplugged received a box of preview figures for Chaos in Cochise County from Chaos In Action Games (now on Kickstarter). Enrico travels to the weird west to give you a look at their growing line of figures. Tweet

Review – Unita


Review – Unita Dan Bidwa, Play Unplugged Like any proper red-blooded gamer, I like dice. While weird n-faced polyhedrons are certainly fetching, I have a special fondness for the plain old omnipresent six-sided die. And, possibly due to the fact that D6s are as prevalent as cats on the internet, I’m especially fond of games…