Play Unplugged Radio: 2.4 Return to Rokugan, Avacyn Restored

Play Unplugged Radio: 2.4 Return to Rokugan, Avacyn Restored

Enrico Nardini, Play Unplugged

Play Unplugged Radio 2.4

Play Unplugged Radio returns for honor and emperor! In this episode Enrico Nardini and Mike Eaton discuss their return to Rokugan, the world of Legend of the Five Rings. We discuss our experience rediscovering this exciting Samurai CCG with Emperor Edition. Later in the episode Mike and Enrico recount their experience at the Avacyn Restored (MTG) prerelease and what our current thoughts on the set are. Topics include:

  • Card game necromancy
  • Immortals are aliens!?!?
  • Rediscovering Legend of the Five Rings with Emperor Edition
  • Prerelease successes and failures
  • What’s up with the Helvault?
  • Closing thoughts

The views expressed on Play Unplugged Radio are the opinions of the speakers. Play Unplugged’s focus is to aid and entertain gamers. If you don’t agree with a member of our staff, but we have stimulated your thinking than we have accomplished part of our mission. For more information, updates, or to leave a comment check out our Facebook and Twitter.

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