Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play Now on Kickstarter!

Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play Now on Kickstarter!

Enrico Nardini, Play Unplugged, 6/21/12

Four-Color Studio’s Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play is now up on Kickstarter and waiting for your donations. Goalsystem Delves is a hybrid game, combining game mechanics from both skirmish miniature gaming (using the popular Goalsystem engine) and RPGs. Sprinkle in some old-school dungeon crawling sensibilities and you get dungeon skirmish role-play!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a staff member at Four-Color Studios and Goalsystem Delves is a project I have worked on outside of my work in tabletop game journalism. As such, Goalsystem Delves will not be reviewed on Play Unplugged (conflict of interest), but I am passionate about it, and in my (obviously biased) opinion, it is a fantastic product that fans of fantasy miniatures, skirmish gaming, and dungeon crawls will love.

Here’s a description from the Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter page:

Goalsystem Delves seamlessly blends RPG and tabletop miniature elements into a fast paced tabletop experience that provides the depth of an RPG with the fast paced action of a tactical miniatures game. Delves plays fast, allowing players to run a multi-encounter Adventure in a single session and epic campaigns over multiple sessions.

Using the proven and popular Goalsystem, Delves delivers character driven action that’s deep enough for RPG gamers and fast enough for miniature gamers. 

Check out the Goalsystem Delves promotional video:

You can pledge support to Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play and get your hands on some awesome pledge rewards at the Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter page.

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