Play Unplugged on the Floor at Origins 2012

Play Unplugged on the Floor at Origins 2012

Enrico Nardini, Play Unplugged

Play Unplugged’s Origins 2012 coverage goes out with a bang. In this video Enrico travels outside the Play Unplugged booth to get some “gorilla style” footage of the dealer’s hall and art college. Enrico interviews Paul Miller, the creator of a unique, chess variant wargame, called Commander-in-Chief (look for a review right here on Play Unplugged coming soon!), Henry Lopez, creator of the Origins Award winning Arcanis, and Brandt Lippincott, an old gaming running buddy turned commission miniature painter and owner of Toadkiller Miniatures.

One other thing I’d like to share is that the camaraderie in press room was great, and I was so happy to see our friends Jeff McAleer and Elliot Miller from The Gaming Gang! Make sure you check out their awesome gaming website!

Play Unplugged and The Gaming Gang

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