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Want Your Game Reviewed?

Play Unplugged provides comprehensive and objective reviews of board games, CCGs, RPGs, and tabletop miniature games.  Play Unplugged accepts product donations from game companies who would like to have their games reviewed on our website.  Having a game or game related product featured on Play Unplugged provides your company with additional exposure and provides vital information to interested customers.


To have your game or game related product reviewed first contact us at: and let us know what you would like to send us. Please include your company’s name, website address, postal address, phone number, and contact email.  In addition, please include a brief description of your product.

Play Unplugged will respond within 5 business days on the status of your product’s approval. If approved you will be instructed to ship a sample of your product to our PO Box. Game products donated to Play Unplugged become property of Play Unplugged.

Play Unplugged’s PO Box- Play Unplugged, PO Box 9613, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Important Note

Play Unplugged’s mission is to positively promote “unplugged” hobby gaming, but not at the expense of our readers. We have yet to review a perfect product. Positive and negative aspects of your product will be described in the review.

Play Unplugged reserves the right to decline reviewing any product based on content.