Play Unplugged Hosts TableTop Day 2015 Event

tabletopday20151Enrico Nardini, Play Unplugged, 4/11/15

It’s TableTop Day! Woot! I love any excuse to play more games, so I was more than happy to run an event for this year’s gathering of tabletop gamers. I presided over a diabolical dungeon crawl full of maniacal monsters bent on the murder of our admirable adventurers. Needless to say a good (and gory) time was had by all.

I’d like to extend my thanks to our players,  the Staghorn Garden Cafe for hosting our event, and Four-Color Studios for donating prizes. Who is ready for TableTop Day 2016?

Waiting for adventure!

Waiting for adventure!

Exploring the Caves of Chakresh!

Exploring the Caves of Chakresh.

Chakresh awaits?

Chakresh awaits?

Chakresh surrounded!

Chakresh surrounded!

Party members dropping like flies!!!

Party members dropping like flies!!!

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

The last party member falls!

The last party member falls!

What did you play? Share your TableTop Day 2015 gaming experiences in the comments below!

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