Crossfire: A Virtual Run

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Enrico Nardini, Play Unplugged, 7/17/2014

The Shadowrun: Crossfire card game has been greatly anticipated since its initial development announcements. With a retail release just around the corner, Catalyst Game Labs has designed a Virtual Run promotion. What’s a virtual run? Well, every decker worth their cred-stick knows that a skilled runner can find all kinds of information on the net. That’s where you come in. Your job is to track down the 15 hidden PDFs scattered across the internet across 15 popular gaming websites. If you are the first to find them all and post their URLs in the Catalyst Game Labs’ forums, you will win a Shadowrun: Crossfire core box set. Well… What are you waiting for chummer?!?! Get hacking!

Shadowrun: Crossfire (Demo)

Shadowrun: Crossfire (Demo)

Text from Catalyst Game Lab’s Contest Announcment

The highly-anticipated cooperative deck-building game, Shadowrun: Crossfire, is currently on a ship heading towards US shores, our warehouse, and ultimately your gaming table in the near future.

In the meantime, we’ve got a Matrix job for the right runner. A runner like you!

We have hidden 15 PDFs across hobby news sites (some are relatively easy…some are gonna require serious skills to track down). Assembling those 15 PDFs will get you access to the 100+ cards, Character Cards and rules for the Shadowrun: Crossfire Demo Box. They’re all prepped and ready to print for those who are too anxious to try the game and do not want to wait any longer.

Now some of you may be tempted to go it alone…but like any good run, you may find a team effort is required to track down all the various urls…but unfortunately, at the end of the day, there can be only one….

Like any good Mr. Johnson, we’re not gonna send you into the shadows without a deal sweetner. Go to, log into the forums, and then take a look at the General Discussion section. There you’ll find a “Crossfire: A Virtual Run” thread. The first person to post a correct set of all 15 urls that allow the download of the 15 PDFs will win a Crossfire core box set. And not some time in the future. Ninety-nine percent of the shipment may be on a ship, but there’s one copy with a winner’s name on it right here and we’ll ship it straight to you. You’ll receive the game before anyone else!

And for those that don’t win … you’ll still have early access to a full demo version of the game you can be running until you can pick up the full game.

Watch your back, conserve ammo, and go out there to win that box!

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