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Jason Vey, Play Unplugged Freelance Writer

Jason Vey – Freelance Writer, Play Unplugged


Jason Vey has been writing stories as long as he can remember, from superheroes to swords and sorcery to space ships to Gothic horror. Telling tales that evoke emotion in other people is his passion. He is an avid tabletop gamer and began playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in 1979 at the tender age of five.  He has actually understood role playing games since the age of seven or eight. He has published several books and made contributions in the gaming industry for publishers such as Palladium Books, Eden Studios, Misfit Studios and Troll Lord Games. Fiction, however, is his true love and he always has several ideas waiting for development.

Jason is a lover of science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies, enjoys eclectic tastes in music from show tunes to country western and heavy metal, but 80’s metal tops the list.  He has celebrated his 29th birthday several times over, and lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Julie and their crazy cats, Seamus and Finnegan.  He maintains an old-school gaming blog at http://wastedlandsfantasy.blogspot.com/ and is the president and owner of Elf Lair Games, whose website can be found at http://www.elflair.com/ . He spends too much time on Facebook, reading blogs, and at his day job is as an administrative assistant and purchasing/facilities manager, though he does not consider that his career and has recently completed his Master’s degree in library and information science in hopes of one day corrupting … or, rather, helping to educate the minds of America’s youth.